Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roses are pink...erk!! i mean red.....

"Oh the roses are so lovely– thank you so much, dear. So why did you give me fifteen stalks?" the girl asks. "Huh? Hmm... well just thought the bouquet look nice with fifteen." Ha you just got yourself shoot!

The meaning of roses, the color of roses, the number of roses each has got their meaning. Do you know that 11 roses represent "You are my treasured one, the one I love most in my life" whereas 15 roses represent "I am truly sorry, please forgive me"? Now isn't that a total twist of the meaning for the roses you gave? What had meant to be a message of love has just turned into a message of apology, implying you was guilty of something?

The colours~~~

Red rose : Sincere Love & Respect, Courage & Passion

Pink rose : Grace and Gentility, the rose of sweet thoughts.

Yellow rose : Friendship, joy, gladness and freedom, the promise of a new beginning.

White rose : Spiritual love & Purity, the rose of confession, the bridal rose; "You are heavenly!!", "I am worthy of you...huhu"

Lavender : Love at first sight and enchantment....^^

Orange : Passionate desire, pure enthusiasm and fascination....

but there's no peach rose.....uhuk3... :|