Monday, February 21, 2011

Review 1~

Animepaper.  ( )
            The moment you go to Animepaper, you will be ‘served’ by a few of the top rated wallpapers, possibly among the most amazing anime wallpapers ever made in history. The web interface features a very neat and user friendly design that are not only easy to the eyes but also convenient in terms of accessibility.
            Animepaper or in short often called (AP) was founded in the year 2004. Ever since then, the site has gone through a couple of improvements and evolutions. Currently, AP is known as AP v6, which is the sixth major update which included the visual, functions, and also the administration updates. With the updates, the popularity of AP also increased with the more interactive interface.
            As the name suggested, AP offers a wide, almost infinite variants of not only quality anime wallpapers, but also games, and ‘manga’ wallpapers too. These asian art styles which are highly popular nowadays can be accessed easily and the best thing is that it is totally free. This site acts as a center for both professional and amateur artists from all over the world to exchange and share their works. The fact that they can comments and criticizes the others piece of art can help to improve their level of mastery in the art of wallpaper design. The ‘note’ function where users can tag an area of the wallpaper to give a specific comment on that part of the wallpaper is a very brilliant feature.
            AP provides its users with a wide selection of groups and section where its users can get together and focus on a topic regarding digital arts. One of the most helpful section is the ‘session zero’, in which AP users, mainly the amateur or newbie ‘waller’ (a term used to call people that makes wallpaper) post their draft and unfinished work to be commented and to get some advices from the other users. AP also provides huge collections of manga, art book, and poster scans which is used as a base to create wallpaper by the artist. Vectors can also be found on AP.
            All in all, AP is an excellent site for those who have passion on digital art. Graphic design students could use this site to get advice and to share their works with other people with the same passion with them from the whole world. They could learn new techniques and skills from this site, and made them better at what they are doing.