Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review 3~

Bookr.  ( )
            Based on the popular image hosting websites, Flickr, Bookr allows it users to create a photobook by compiling the images from Flickr. Bookr is actually a project by, which also develop  a few other interesting tools, like ‘Phrasr’ and ‘Bubblr’. were run by Daniel Julia and Anna Fruster which are working on concept, design and development of interactive projects and university teaching.
            Bookr is a very simple, easy-to-use tools that has an easy to the eyes interface. When you go to Bookr, you can create your own photobook right away without having to go through any registration that most websites would require us to do nowadays. You can see your photobook right when you are making it, without having to go to ‘preview’ mode. The tool itself is pretty simple and user friendly.
            The search function located at the bottom of the page provides a good search results that consist of the most popular images with the tag searched. Search can also be made by using the username of the uploader of a picture, which is easier if you want to use a specific picture that you have uploaded beforehand. There seems to be no limit on the number of pages a photobook can have.
            This tool should be utilized in the schools and universities to help their students in learning. Researches have proven that with visual aid or stimulus, the effectiveness of learning can be improve exponentially. The photobook could be used in class rooms, for various subjects at any level from the elementary schools, to the universities level as an addition to the normal text books for the students to gain better understanding on the subjects. Instead of using an actual flash cards, or other visual stimulus which comes with a price why not use Bookr, which is free and equally if not more effective.
            In conclusion, Bookr is a tool with a huge usage potential. The versatility it makes it suitable to be to be used in any level of education, from being an aid in teaching an elementary schooler how to read to being a last minute note for high level education students preparing for exam.